Full Service Home Repairs and Improvements 

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Craig can help


Handyman services 

I can install or repair any flooring.
I can give you any look you want


water damage 

When quality matters I use the highest quality
Materials with old school workmanship to
Ensure you get the quality you deserve

Full service Home Improvements 

No matter how bad it is I can fix it
And my fixes are backed with modern
Building science

Siding repairs of any nature, as well as complete installations.
I can give you the exact look you want with trim details that
will complement any style building. Window and Door repair and
installation that is more that a wamb bamb job

full service home improvements

Full service Home remodels  

Kitchen or bathroom remodels are no problem for me,

I know how to give your exactly what you want.
I will handle every aspect of your Home Improvement
To ensure you get your dream space.  

Crawlspace/basement overhaul/improvement

Repair or installation of sheetrock or plaster.
I can give you any look you want from simple repair to complex texture
or perfectly smooth. I can repair historical plaster to match exciting surfaces  

Sheetrock and Plaster 

Water damage inside or out I can fix all of it.
Whether it is just cosmetic or you major structural damage
My repair will last and fix the root of the problem

complete Home repair 

Insulation upgrades

Home Performance/ Building Science/

Insulation/ Air sealing 

Handyman Services





and windows  


I have over 20  years of carpentry experience, so I've seen it all. From small projects to big ones, we've got your needs covered. I can help you out with a sticky door,Or install new doors, windows or siding, Complete Custom remodeling ,To the most complex repairs, improvements or upgrades. When it comes time to upgrades your homes Insulation  I provide every Service you could want. From Spray Foam Insulation, to Rolled Cotton Batt Insulation   I'm always  more than happy to give you a free estimate or  answer any of your questions along the way. My handyman services can be priced to suit you with either a fixed price contract or I can charge by the hour. 

I accept all major credit  cards, checks or cash. I stand behind my work and strive to ensure you are pleased with every aspect of this process,and will alway leave your home cleaner than it was.

 Kitchen or bathroom remodels are no
Problem for me as I handle plumbing, and ventilation.
I use the very best products to the manufacturer's
Recommendations to ensure you get the longevity you need.  
Quite kitchen,bath or Whole house exhaust fans installed so that
You get the rated flow.

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